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Use the Joy Activation Process to Ground Your Future

The Joy Activation Process is a tool that will empower you to create a practice of daily conscious choices and actions to fully realize yourself/your Self in the here and now.


The 14 Habits to be your      OWN Joy Expert...

1.  You elevate yourself & others - circumstances don't take you out. 

2.  You take care of yourself with a consistent self-care routine. You're health & well-being is a priority.

3.  You are confident, you know what works for you and you speak up. You engender generosity from people and you know how to get your needs met. 

4.  You take responsibility for your life. When transitions come, you ride them to a whole new level of fulfillment and joy. 

5.  You hold your head high, literally and figuratively. 

6.  You traffic in joy as a matter of course. Suffering has little to no interest to you. 

7.  You know that YOU create your own happiness, no one else.

8.  You make your work fulfilling. You know you don't HAVE to, you GET to. 

9.  You are looking good (and you know it.)

10.  Your courage is unmistakable; you don't seek approval to use it. 

11.  You forgive quickly.

12.  Your boundaries are solid.

13.  You operate above competition on a whole other level. 

14.  If something is not working, you change it, not suffer it. 

Ask Maryl

  • About dating with clear intention to get your match
  • How to survive, navigate and thrive after grief
  • About what intimacy TRULY is
  • Go from sad and sexless to joyful and fulfilled
  • Relating to children and stepchildren, especially after someone has died. 
  • How to talk about finances even when you don't want to.
  • Old is all in the attitude!
  • How to shift so you can stay connected to your kids over time.
  • I don't feel good in my body, how do I fix that?
  • How do I make more time for myself?
  • How do I break out of a bad relationship and find the courage to be on my own?
  • How do I handle an empty nest?

Musings of a Woman and Her Dreams

Stories, ideas and strategies to help you step fully into daily conscious choices and becoming the woman of your dreams.

You need a MIND SHIFT for a New MIND SET.- Maryl Petreccia

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When it comes to using our bodies, our brains and our will, we as human beings, regularly confuse fumes for fuel. And THAT is the issue. THAT stalls us. Then we wonder why we can’t make any progress.
- Maryl Petreccia

Start Becoming the Woman of Your Dreams TODAY Using the Joy Activation Process

"I met Maryl in the beginning of my startup venture OneSeed and she has been a tremendous help in listening to business problems and troubleshooting them quickly. She can always get to the bottom of things within minutes and point to next action steps. As a female startup founder, it can feel daunting to work in such a male dominated environment. My conversations with her helped me grow in confidence with myself and I have seen a positive impact in how I communicate and present my ideas. Even though I have moved out of the startup scene, her mentorship and ideas about really going for your passions have stayed with me and added value to my current role. When I look into the future, I am excited to continue to grow professionally and to live a full life AND make an impact. I highly recommend Maryl!"

Stella Liu
Founder, OneSeed Startup
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"From my very first meeting with Maryl, I was taken aback by how inspired I felt simply from bouncing ideas back and forth with her. She is thoughtful and so, so creative; and she has a wonderful way of gently zeroing in on an idea and being able to put a certain spin on it that creates some serious momentum! I would highly recommend meeting with her if you’re stuck inside of your own head about any topic. Her coaching style will leave you inspired and ready to hit the ground running - no, sprinting - on whatever you have in mind!"

Alex Morton
Almost Pure French

John Doe UI/UX Designer

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